Thursday, September 29, 2016

Visual Biometrics

They're many different methods of gaining biometrics. In the research we're conducting we'll be examining ears and finding ways to detect and extract discriminating features, so the majority of our project will deal with visual biometrics.

To gain some more background on visual biometrics I looked through parts of Matching Shape Sequences in Video with an application to Human Movement Analysis. A paper written by Ashok Veeraraghavan, Amit Roy Chowdhury and Rama Chellappa.

Key things I learned from this paper were:
- Parametric vs Non-Parametric Statistics and models.
- Bioinformatics can be taken from a person's effect on the environment. (i.e. A person's shadow and silhouette can be used as a unique feature for recognition.)

More info on Parametric vs Non-Parametric Stats:
Parametric versus non-parametric

I also started wondering if it was possible to use solely visual biometrics to distinguishing features between twins and came across this paper: A Study of Multibiometric Traits of Identical Twins

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