Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cascade Training in Windows Environment

Last week we discussed the possibility of switching our tools used for training our haar cascade classifier. Over the course of the week we set up two computers with the required software for building a classifier. The resources we used to assist us with the setup included two computer vision blogs. Links: [1] [2]

I was successful in gathering a small sample of images and recreating most of the progress we previously experienced, but the haartraining consistently failed. Currently I'm experiencing a parse error with generating the .vec file. (Figure Below)

Setting up the windows environment wasn't as easy as I anticipated and the results didn't exceed the progress we made before. By next week I plan on resolving the create samples issue I experienced on the Mac environment. I will reach out to the openCV community through forums and emails for additional advice. After fixing this issue I plan on generating a large sample of images ~500 and follow the advised testing ratios and criteria mentioned in my previous post.

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