Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Narrow Helix Accuracy Reports

We're getting to the point where we want to explore our preliminary results.
To get a better sense of I examined and collected metrics from our most successful narrow helix trials. The following are the results from conducting 5 trials.
Narrow helix accuracy reports: 
trial 1: 1/4
trial 2: 3/7
trial 3: 1/4
trial 4: 1/5

trial 5: 2/5

Overall Accuracy: 8/25 = 32 %
We acknowledge that this is a pretty low accuracy result, but seeing where we currently is helpful for deciding our next steps. We discussed ways of increasing our accuracy, one promising method is by changing our technique to incorporate only the focused regions of the sample. (i.e. instead of a positive sample of the complete ear for detecting a narrow helix, the sample to train with will only consist of a narrow helix)

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